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Who is Blue Star Multimedia?

It’s simple: we are New Jersey’s best full-service creative agency.

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As a full service creative agency and marketing firm, we specialize in video production, website design, branding solutions, and search engine optimization strategies. As a top search engine optimization company we can work to have your site ranking on the first page of Google. Located at 81 Pension Road, Suite 102 in Manalapan, NJ, we offer a state of the art studio complete with green screen capabilities, high-end lighting and production equipment, and on-site editing bay. We work across all platforms of media to make your brand as cohesive as possible and ensure that your company will shine brighter.

Think of your brand as both a personality and an experience. For someone to be attracted to your personality, it needs to creatively project the vision of what you’d like your clients to experience. We can ensure your vision of the project matches the reality of a potential customer’s brand experience. Learn More…

What Do We Do?

Blue Star Multimedia can handle all your marketing needs.

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Blue Star Multimedia is the premier video production company in New Jersey. Our expertise in the industry ensures that you get the highest quality production every single time. Our in-house editors provide the personal touch you deserve to deliver you the best graphics and animations.

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Blue Star Multimedia would like to welcome you to the new age of website design. Blue Star Multimedia believes that building websites that are aesthetically beautiful and easily navigatable is crucial to the success of the website. We work with you from start to finish to elevate your company’s web presence.

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Blue Star Multimedia dedicates ourselves to researching everything we can about your company and industry to design a logo that truly represents you in the best light. We offer multiple different design choices and work with you to choose the best one for your brand.

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Having the same brand across video, website, and print is something that Blue Star Multimedia believes firmly in. That is why Blue Star Multimedia is proud to offer print services to all of our clients. Whatever your print design needs, Blue Star Multimedia has them covered.

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Blue Star Multimedia’s unique approach to SEO means that we start with video and work from there with the content of your website to appear naturally on the front page of search results. Working from there we devise a unique campaign to continue the success of your SEO campaign.

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Video animation can be one of the most effective ways to capture a consumer’s attention. Make your brand jump, skip, or soar like never before. Whether you want full-scale animated videos or just logo animation at the beginning or end of your video, Blue Star Multimedia can do it all.


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